Philippines adopts ways to reduce pollution

The distribution of the 20 Asian Development Bank (ADB)-funded electric tricycles or e-trikes in Mandaluyong City in Metro Manila, Philippines’ capital, on Wednesday came a week after a lawmaker proposed banning the use of plastic bags in major establishments. In a statement, ADB’s Principal Energy Specialist Sohail Hasnie said that every 20,000 e-trikes that are introduced to Manilia’s streets will save the 100,000 liters of foreign fuel imports each day or about 35 million U.S. dollars annually. ADB said e-trikes are more sustainable and energy-efficient.

     “This initiative not only benefits the environment, but it also supports the Philippines drive to become more energy independent,” Hasnie added.

Smoke-belching had become a serious matter in the Philippines, especially among public transportation such as tricycles, jeepneys and buses which contribute a huge part in polluting the country. Emissions from the transport sector currently represent 30 percent of all pollution in the country, and approximately 80 percent of air pollution in Metro Manilia , ADB said. Over 3.5 million motorized tricycles motorcycles with sidecars are currently operating in the Philippines, producing more than 10 million tons of carbon dioxide and using close to 5 billion U.S. dollars of imported fuel each year.


Water Pollution in Manila, Philippines


Here, a trash-covered creek in Manila, Philippines, where slums often adjoin rubbish dumps. The country’s poorest sift through the garbage to find discarded objects they can sell on or re-use, or even scraps of food to eat.

Agriculture in the Philippines

From my knowledge the Philippines exports a lot of rice, fruits and vegetables and fish. Pollution in water would contaminate the agriculture. Also Philippines is a poor country. Sanitation and filter system is not the best especially in the really poor parts of the country. So the people in the country would be drinking the contaminated water. So the importance of clean water is essential. Both to the economy to the country and the health of the country.

Marine Pollution Excercise

Although they are speaking tagaolg, you can see what they are staring to do to reduce pollution. In the world every but helps.

Transportation Other then Cars

On the left is  Jeepney, Like a bus it can carry mulitple people at once to places around the area. The picture on the right is just a tricyle. It is a taxi service in the Philippines and brings you around the area. These are jsut small things citizens can do to help pollution reduction instead of using cars every where. But again because of the terrain of the county which is mountianous and all the seperate islands, it is hard. There are also the regular taxi’s, Boats to get to mountians, bus service and the train. The LRT, MRT and PNR. (Manila Light Railway System, Manila Metro Rail Transit System and the Philippines National Railways.)

Electric Tricycles, A Solution or Joke??

In the Philippines 30% of pollution is from vehicles. But in the Capital city, Manilla the amount raises to 80%. Tricycles were already a way to get around. but now more and more efficient bikes have been released, 20,000 have been released before the go national. This may help the issue but I believe that it is not a solution. But there are other ways, for example just walking. there are many vehicles that pollute the environment. Why not just walk, People all over the world are now lazy. Taking a bus 1km from there destination, Driving. Many vehicles could be off the road that could decrease pollution by a lot. These bikes are not a bad idea. But I think it’s just a small part to the solution. A lot more can be done just with all the extra vehicles on the road.

Make it Green!!